Are you already in business?

The NEC is available to help you if you already have a business in the Northfield area. All businesses benefit from a regular review of their business and marketing plans by having experienced professionals to help wade through the changes in the business world and give you valuable perspective. Maybe you need research and assistance with bringing a new product or service to market. We can guide you to helpful sources and information to make your launch successful and help you evaluate your level of success after you’ve launched your new product or service. We’re also here to advise you on various sources of financial backing: is a loan right for you? Would you qualify for a grant? Are there other ways to fund your cash flow or expansion? Do you have enough accounting input to make an informed choice? The time may be right for you to seek a new rental situation or to build your own facility. We can help you navigate choices and work through the jurisdictional issues you may face. We can also connect you with resources for the goods and services you need to keep your current business operating efficiently and profitably.