Are you ready to start your business?

The NEC can advise you on how to start your business.Here are many of the essential questions you must address when starting a business that we can help you with:

  • Do you have a Business Plan?
  • Does it include a marketing plan, a financial section, and an equipment or capital requirement section addressing your needs for location and materials?
  • Do you have financial resources to start and run the business?
  • Are you taking a salary from the company during the start-up phase?
  • Do you have insurance for all aspects of the business?
  • Do you have an accountant or are you doing the accounting function?
  • Are there any legal requirements, such as permits, needed to start your business.
  • Is your family aware of your plans and the time you will be involved in the business?
  • Have you reviewed the resources you may need in a month to six months’ time? These include employees, more money, an accountant, a consultant, more space.
  • Are you aware of income tax and other federal and state employment and tax laws and regulations?