Organizational development tools

Kauffman Foundation provides entrepreneurial resources to small business organization through their database of business articles and blogs.  Although most of the materials in this site are links to other sources, the links that they do provide are excellent.

Edward Lowe Foundation provides good resources in managing a small entrepreneurial venture.  The topics discussed in their resources section range in all areas and give extensive information in running a small, successful organization.

Marketing Teacher provides basic information in the area of marketing.  This will teach you the “how to” basics behind the importance of marketing when developing a sound product or service. provides basic information for those looking to start business as part of a franchise.  They give great ideas of different franchise organizations to become a part of, along with resources in successfully belonging to and running a franchise.

Minnesota Council of NonProfits gives basic information in starting a non-profit organization in Minnesota.  They provide information on what is required of new non-profits and those already developed. in addition to their information in filing for a patent, gives information on how to market a patented product.