Local, State, and, National Resources

Below is a list of local, state, and national resources available to support businesses.

Northfield based Resources:

The Northfield Economic Development Authority website provides information on economic development in Northfield.

The City of Northfield website will acquaint you with the resources available to residents.

The Northfield Chamber of Commerce website provides resources on the community’s demographic makeup, available land and buildings, marketing services, and referrals to other government organizations.

The Northfield Downtown Development Corporation website provides business development resources focused on Downtown Northfield.

Additional Northfield Resources:

State Resources:

Rice Country Department of Planning and Zoning outlines regulations and future outlook to the county’s coming organizational make.

Minnesota Secretary of State Office is the office you will need to go through in order for you business organization to be registered. Additionally, they provide resource services for start up businesses, as well as forms and procedures for starting a newly developed business.

Minnesota Department of Revenue gives tax information needed for newly developed businesses, such as one’s tax identification code.

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development provides a general guide to starting a business in Minnesota. They share their service in small businesses assistance and community development.

Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) has a variety of financing programs available, including a revolving loan fund and venture capital programs.

Additional State Resources:

National Resources:

United State Small Business Association is a great resource in providing resources for small business owners and/ or developers. They provide a step by step approach in producing a new organization, as well how to manage the organization once it has been developed.

Environmental Protection Agency gives information on environmental protection regulations and concerns for small businesses.

United States Census Bureau is a great tool when looking for preliminary market data. This will give the general breakdown of the Northfield community and allow for you to know whether you have a viable market.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is a federal agency in the Department of Commerce that examines and issues trademarks and patents. This government website provides in-depth information when filing for a trademark or patent.