Identifying Business Process Changes

All businesses have key processes that are required to run a successful business. In this section you will identify the importance of key business capabilities to your business and the performance of your business. You will determine ways to achieve your desired level of performance in important business processes.

Business Capabilities (identify the importance to you business and the performance of you business in each area):

  • Developing Products/services
  • Creating demand for products/services (marketing)
  • Acquiring & retaining customers (sales)
  • Fulfilling customer demand
  • Purchasing
  • Taking orders, producing goods, delivering
  • Managing financials
  • Human resources (hiring, development, performance)

To create an effective business plan, use the changes you have envisioned in your marketing plan and financial review to identify business processes that require attention and to identify necessary changes to business processes. Estimate the amount of effort, timing, and responsibility needed to make changes and the people impact of these changes. Once these changes are identified be sure to update the cash flow model.