Selling your Products/Services

This part of the workbook helps you determine a selling strategy using the customer you defined. Always know who you are selling to, each person has different needs or wants, and you should understand them. You are selling your products or services to your customers. You are selling the idea of lending you money to banks, lenders, or investors. You must sell your suppliers on the idea of establishing an account with credit. Effectively communicate value. People will value what your business has to offer if you have built relationships within the marketplace.

Selling is not about you, it is about your customers. When done effectively, selling is a strategy for communicating with, not to, another person. Consider yourself a consultant, not a sales person. Your objective is to help the customer make an informed choice. This keeps focus on the customer, where it belongs. Focusing on customers’ needs shows that you care. Earn customers’ trust and belief. Be honest and listen. Once your customers trust and believe you have their best interests at heart, you will have a better chance for success. People remember how you made them feel!