Create an Appealing Image

Your image is the way your customer sees or comes in contact with your products/services; it will have a positive or negative influence on your customers. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure you get feedback, listen, and be objective. When going through this section try to think about how your products/services are positioned. Make sure the image you portray matches the message you want to send.

Elements of a good image that you should address:

  • You– Dress for your customer.
  • Customer reception– Don’t ignore the importance of customer service
  • Carton or wrapping– Will your packaging motivate a customer to buy your product over another company’s product? Try to make your carton look appealing.
  • Product style– Pick the best style to convey your image.
  • Name, subtitle, slogan– The business name should let potential customers know what type of products or services you offer.
  • Location– Consider the customer. Where does the customer live, work, or shop? Is there enough parking for the customer’s convenience? Will you be located next to other stores or offices the customer might use?
  • Office/Store layout– Make your customers feel comfortable and welcome. In a store, display products attractively. Are products located logically and conveniently?
  • Logo– Logos can be helpful for recognition and recall.
  • Color– Color can enhance your image. Color can also catch your customers’ attention.
  • Typestyle– Use the same typestyle in all of your promotional materials.
  • Business cards and stationery– Design your business card and stationery to correspond with the image of your company. They should be easy to read and not overdone.
  • Brochures and fliers– Can be cost-effective since you can make your best sales pitch with all the benefits you offer (use the same typestyle, color, and logo on your brochures and fliers).
  • Signs– Again, use the same style. Use as large of print as possible (forego your logo if you don’t have room). Check city and state zoning requirements to find if there are any sign restrictions.
  • Communication– Always be positive and upbeat or reasonable with customers, no matter what. Customers like to do business with people who sound successful and optimistic.