Life and Business in Northfield

Northfield provides a supportive environment for businesses to grow and thrive. The testimonial below is representative of the views of many of our clients.

Northfield Automation

Northfield Automation designs and builds custom and standard automated machinery. They engineer equipment to meet any unique customer demands. Northfield Automation Systems have been “Improving Production Through Automation” in Northfield for over a decade.
Brett Reese, Chairman and CEO of Northfield Automation Systems, commented on what makes Northfield different from other communities: “Northfield has developed a basket of services, including support and financial assistance that is very beneficial to help businesses. First and foremost, there was an angel group of financial investors that helped management secure the company. Secondly, The City of Northfield and the Economic Development Authority provided a small grant to support our company with the development of a new line of equipment, assisting in growing the business. Finally, Northfield has a great quality of life. It is rewarding to be able to live and work in the same community – with no frustrating commute, all the while being able to be a part of your kid’s activities, serve in volunteer capacities, and give back to the community while participating in local events.”

For more information on Northfield, visit the City of Northfield website.