Economic Development in Northfield

If you are interested in moving your business or family to a vibrant community in which to live or work, we welcome you. If you are interested in locating or expanding your business amongst a highly educated and motivated work force, we stand ready to help. If you want to live and work in a community so determined to thrive that they completed a comprehensive economic development plan, Northfield is for you.  Economic development priorities in Northfield Include:

  • Maintaining and assisting in job retention, business expansion, and business diversification.
  • Encouraging relocation and expansion of quality businesses to Northfield.
  • Facilitating resources for business, industry, and/or individual entrepreneurs including but not limited to loans, grants, and other financial tools.

A variety of organizations work together to help support economic development in Northfield. The NEC works in partnership with the City of Northfield’s Economic Development Authority (EDA), the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce, the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation, the Rural Enterprise Center, and other development organizations to expand the possibilities for your business.