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Northfield Enterprise Center

The Northfield Enterprise Center is a private nonprofit organization that assists businesses of all sizes with business planning, financial modeling, and sustained growth support. We also work with existing companies that are looking for a more attractive place to relocate. Northfield is a stimulating destination for businesses looking to integrate into an energetic and commerce-friendly city. Whether you are already in business, or looking for a place to start, the NEC’s resources are available for you. Contact us!




NEC Lunch & Learns

Northfield Enterprise Center (Lunch Provided)

510 Washington Street – Downtown Northfield

RSVP … 507-786-9065 or email director@northfieldenterprisecenter.com

12 noon to 1pm


NEC Lunch & Learn – Tuesday, November 15 (Free, rsvp)

Take Back Your Work Space

w/ Kate Buckmeier

Tips for clearing office clutter & strategies around creating habits that increase efficiency & productivity. Create spaces that best serve your lifestyle and work. Discover things that are keeping you stuck & inspire shifts that create a new way to “be” in your space!


NEC Lunch & Learn – Tuesday, December 13 (Free, rsvp)

Mind Like Water: Using Cognitive Psychology to Get More Done w/ Adam Putnam

Tired of feeling pulled in a million directions and not having enough time to get anything done? Adam Putnam, PhD is a cognitive psychologist and expert on time-management and personal productivity. Adam has combed through the productivity literature and selected the best strategies–the ones that actually work because they take advantage of the way the human mind works. In this talk, he will share specific strategies that you can use today to get more done with less stress.


NEC Lunch & Learn – Tuesday, January 24th (Free, rsvp)

How to Strengthen Your Ability to

Handle Conflict w/ Sarah Carlsen

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  ~ Albert Einstein. Join us for this talk to discover how to think differently about conflict, and build new skill for responding more effectively. Bio: Sarah Carlsen is Leadership Coach focused on helping individuals and teams close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


NEC Lunch & Learn – Tues, February 21st (Free, rsvp)

Facebook for Small Business

w/ Holly Sobrack

Social media is everywhere these days and there is a great need for your business to stay on top of the latest online marketing tools. Facebook can be an asset for your business if used correctly and now is your chance to learn. Learn the basics, tips and tricks to utilizing this valuable media platform.


NEC Lunch & Learn – Tues, March 21st (Free, rsvp)

Meet Your Inner Team w/ John Owens

Different parts of our brain send us differing messages that can be conflicting, confusing, and cause us to get stuck. I’ll help untangle the web of messages and characters that act (or are shy to act) on the stage of our lives: The Saboteur, the CEO, the Worker, the Future Self, and others. I’ll help participants to name these characters, understand their motives, and how to listen to them as voices in our own inner system. And I’ll do a demonstration of coaching as a way of bringing harmony and awareness to getting all those characters to really work as a team on your behalf.


NEC Lunch & Learn – Tues, April 25th (Free, rsvp)

Tax Now. Tax Later. Tax Never w/ Tracy Fossum

Retirement strategies 101 for solo/small business owners.  How do you do it tax-efficiently?  Why is it important when you have so many competing interests for your cash? Great tips for small business.


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– Northfield Economic Development Authority (EDA)

–  Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Reasonable accommodations  for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance.